Friday, May 14, 2010

"I don't see a real need"

The unofficial motto of the Apple apologist is "I don't see a real need..." followed by something that Apple doesn't allow. Hot girls on your iPhone, games compiled from Flash, alternative browsers, South Park app, and today, let's add wireless syncing. jcmark42 on cnet's discussions, consider yourself famous.

As a former iPod Touch and iPhone user, I'll tell you exactly why I'd like that app. I live in a 3 story condo. The bottom story is a two car garage. The second story (from the back), is the entry level from the front, and contains a living room, dining room, and kitche. The third story has two master suites. My Mac Mini media center is in the living room, and my office is one of the suites upstairs. As I'm sure I have mentioned before, I enjoy my podcasts. Before my N1 arrived, I would have the Mac Mini download them into iTunes, and then plug in my iPhone to sync. Sometimes, I might forget to do that when stopping home in the middle of the day before heading out the gym. Sitting in my truck, I'd realize that and just want to sync those podcasts. It would take two minutes or so and save my knees from a trip up and down the stairs. So jcmark42, there's the real need.

As I've noted before, podcast management with Android is a lot more flexible, as there are several apps that can help you manage them on your phone much easier than how iPhone does it. So wireless syncing is less desirable for me now that I have the N1. But I'd have killed for it 100 times over when I carried my iPhone around. Oh, and pre-iPhone, when I have my iPod Touch hooked up to the Alpine car stereo, same deal. I could have left it plugged into the car to charge and let it sync when it got in range rather than have to carry with me to the living room every time I bought a new album on iTunes or wanted fresh podcasts.


  1. Nexus One arrived late yesterday. So far so good.
    Thanks for all your help,
    (former iPhone 3GS user)

  2. The lack of iPhone wireless syncing for podcasts was exactly what convinced me to buy the Nexus One.


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