Sunday, May 2, 2010


The iPhone was out of the drawer for a couple days... charging on my Mac Mini. I forgot about it until it let out a little beep this afternoon.

Chad Ochocinco is my boy... But, can't he be a little more polite with the push notifications? Not on iPhone he can't.

On Android, this would appear in the "notifications" area with other notifications and not interrupt whatever I am doing until I am ready to look at them.

With iPhone, you have to act or dismiss notifications one at a time, in order. With Android, if you have 5 notifications waiting, you can deal with whichever one you want to deal with first, or just clear them out wholesale. While iPhone might be simple, Android wins on elegance.


  1. Hey Brad,
    Have you had a chance to investigate how the Android handles calendars and emails in relation to each other?
    I'm thinking of how powerful it is to be able to throw an email into my calendar and then access both from my desktop.
    iPhone 3Gs owner

  2. Well, I just ordered my Nexus One with the car mount. With news of Froyo and Flash 10.1, I wanted to be sure I had the phone first. I figured N1 would be one of the first updated.

    Exchanged a few e-mails with my carrier here and I didn't run into any major roadblocks or concerns.

    Thanks for your posts Brad, and get back to it ;-)


  3. @Harry: I'm not the power-calendar guy, so I really can't comment on that for you. With email, I've always used my mobile device to check POP3 email and leave it on the server. It keeps me in the loop on important things if I'm out screwing around during the business day. If an email isn't urgent, I deal with it when I get back to my MacBook Pro.

    You might look at Missing Sync though. Brian Hall and company have always done a great job of syncing all the stuff you use on your desktop with whatever the cool mobile device is, going back to Newton and PalmPilot days. I'd be surprised if their software didn't work great for you.

  4. @Scott... I need to do a post about the docks. They use bluetooth. Car dock uses it for phone. Home dock uses it for music audio. I had problems with the car dock at first because it would usually work and sometimes wouldn't and when it wouldn't, I was driving so I couldn't debug it :-).

    The key to both is when you put the phone in the dock (like when you're getting in your car), take a couple moments and make sure the Bluetooth indicator in the phone's status bar (top right) indicates that it has a connection. If not, just redock the phone. Rarely, it can lose the connection while you're driving. So you make one call, hang up, make another call, and sound isn't going through the Bluetooth. Before dialing, glance at the Bluetooth indicator and make sure it's connected. If not, redock it. I've had similar experience with headsets (Moto & Jawbone) with iPhone, so it's not a specific N1 or Android issue, but it can be frustrating if you don't know what's going on and you're driving with no opportunity to figure it out.

  5. I bought the Magellan (sp?) GPS car mount for the 3GS and it had similar challenges. I found it easier just to delete the pairing and re-join the devices to avoid waisting time before leaving.

    I generally put one ear of the headset rather than using my Jawbone for normal walking-around. I like to listen to audio books or music when I'm doing yard work, jogging, etc.

    I can't see using a desk dock for sound either. I have a 250 GB Archos (pre-android) that plays music at work. The Apples used to have large enough storage, but now the Android phones and Apple phones lack in my opinion. Oh well.

    Looking forward to getting the Nexus One!

    Thanks again,


  6. My Nexus One has left Northeast Indianapolis on it's way to replacing my iPhone.



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