Sunday, April 18, 2010

Creating Playlists in Music app

I figured this was going to be a challenge. One thing I really love about my iPhone is the way it lets me create an "On the Go" playlist without having to bring up my media server computer in a Screen Sharing window, create the playlist in iTunes, add songs to it, then resync my iPhone. On iPhone, what you go is go to the "On the Go" playlist, then you enter an "add songs" mode where you pick out the songs that you want. You can't rename this playlist, and it gets demoted to "On the Go 1" (or "On the Go 29" eventually) after you sync. But you can really tell that Apple thought through how to make these playlists easy... back before the iPhone and iPod Touch.

In the Music app on Nexus One, as you're browsing your library, and you stumble on a song, you tap and hold. It brings up a menu, with an "add to playlist" option. You click it and then select a playlist, or create a new one. They even let you give your new playlist a name. Imagine that.

Another thing I discovered is that I can set any song to be my phone ringtone. Click the song, hold. select "Set as phone ringtone". More on ringtones later. I'm trying to figure out how to buy them from the iTunes Store </sarcasm>.

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  1. How does the sound quality and volume level capability compare to the iPhone?


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