Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 5 -- Music and Clock

I ended Sunday with 68% battery. But -- big but -- the phone was plugged into my computer for awhile Sunday, so it got to recharge some. With podcasts downloaded directly by the phone, I don't foresee syncing as often in the middle of the day as with my iPhone.

Before going to bed, I made a little playlist to listen to, then plugged the headphone into my iHome speaker. I plugged in the charger too. The Clock app makes a really neat alarm clock. I mentioned that brightness button previously. It sets the brightness of the screen very low. The screen will remain on when the Clock app is running the foreground and the device is plugged. It's very easy to read in the middle of the night. I tried to prop the phone up on its side -- what I really need is a business card holder, which I'm sure I have 20 of somewhere!

One thing I need to figure out is how to get the Clock to play its alarm through the headphones rather than (or in addition to) the phone's built in speaker. As nicely as I propped up the phone, it ended up on its back, so the alarm was muffled.

Another thing I miss from the iPhone is the timer alarm. My morning routine is (1) alarm at 5:15, (2) alarm at 5:30, (3) if I don't get up, hit countdown timer for 20 minutes. The problem with having a set alarm at 5:45 is if I do get up, then that one is going off while I'm in the shower.

One possibility I see here is to port my Alltock Procrastinators' Clock. Now that would be a kick-ass alarm clock!

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  1. Have you had the chance to compare GPS accuracy? The RunKeeper Android and iPhone apps were used by their staff in the Boston Marathon. The Android app is REALLY new and it appeared to experince problems. Likely just a blip, but I'm curious now.


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