Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Docks

Last week, I ordered the car dock and the desk dock for my Nexus One. The car dock is the typical universal disk attachment. I have a 2002 Chevy Blazer Xtreme. And yes, damnit, I am conscious of the badging when I buy used vehicles from friends! It doesn't have great places to mount gadgets, so I will probably go with the bean bag and put it in that giant front garbage tray.

The car dock works best when mounted in portrait mode. Incoming calls always display portrait even when the phone is landscape. For some reason, I'm partial to landscape for navigation, but I will try portrait out and see how it does. The dock lets you reorient easily, so maybe it goes default portrait and then landscape when i need to.

The car dock has a built in speakerphone. I tested with a voice dialed call to my Dad without the car running and he said it sounded great. The dock actually works via bluetooth, so you can't also use a bluetooth headset. The speakerphone seemed like it would be plenty loud with engine and road noise. We'll see.

The home dock charges the phone and connects the phone to an external amp. The dock uses Bluetooth to get sound from the phone. However, it still allows use with a Bluetooth headset. The home dock only accepts the phone in portrait mode. I haven't decided what I think about that yet. I have been using a cheap business card holder as my dock, which positions the phone in portrait position.

More on these docks as I have time to try them! Off to dinner. Maybe a report on the car dock later this evening...

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