Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 6 and 7

I ordered the home and car docks  today. One thing I noticed on the order page was that a replacement battery is $25. And users can replace it themselves. Magic!

Scott asked about the GPS. Just opened the Maps app and it had me within 4 meters after about 30 seconds. I hope to try turn by turn directions later this week when the car dock arrives.

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  1. Thanks Brad.
    I asked RunKeeper about their issues also. Apparently Aaron was not actually using an Android device, but an old Apple 3G with an older version of their App. They've only released the free version of their app on Android, so it's likely they don't have the live tracking feature in place yet.
    I wonder if the GPS can be used without data services when you travel. Wouldn't work with the built-in navigation, but Navigon with on-device maps could. It would be good for travel outside of your country to reduce roaming charge issues. I'll have to get back to the manual tonight.


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