Monday, April 12, 2010


When I look at the control Apple now wants to exert over the iPhone software ecosystem, I'm disgusted. I feel stupid for not trusting my instincts and seeing it coming. But last summer, I had to have an iPhone. Two in fact. I gave one to my Mom.

So the time finally came to buy an Android phone and see how it compares. The Nexus One for AT&T's GSM network was about $580 engraved and delivered. Perhaps it's a high price to assuage my guilt, likely a price few of the most disgusted iPhone users would pay. But we need to know if there are realistic alternatives, and I'm here to help.

The only thing I promise is to be honest. If it turns out that the iPhone is in any or every way better than the Nexus One, I'll let you know. But I won't mislead you about my main bias. Open is far more desirable to me than closed. The attitude of Google is that my Nexus One belongs to me, and I can decide what I want to put on it. Apple thinks they know best, and that's a huge turn-off. I'm still steaming over the rejection of the South Park app more than a year ago -- and I still bought two iPhones in the meantime. Go figure.

I invite your comments. I'm sure I'll spark heated debate and nasty flames. And that's fine. Just do us all a favor and let us know in your posts if you've ever owned or used any of the phones discussed. That work for you?

My Nexus One should be here by Friday! I'm ready to dive in!!

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