Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 4

Today was voicemail day. I finished off by setting up my Google Voice number and adding a little widget to my page. If you want to leave a comment or give me an idea of something to compare between iPhone and Nexus One, feel free to use that too.

As best I can tell, Google Voice is not available yet in Canada. Some Android users up there have found some creative ways to get visual voicemail on their phones, including hooking up with for cheap VOIP forwarding to voicemail services in the USA like This company has apps for both iPhone and Android, so you could try out the whole system before switching. But this is supposed to be easy! Blame it on your telco.

One review of Android I skimmed today suggested the AMOLED screen was terribly difficult to read outdoors, and the iPhone's backlit display was better. I hadn't noticed much of an issue, but I also hadn't spent much time looking at the N1 screen outside and we've been cloudy here in SoCal all week. I'll look into this in more detail soon.

Finally, my battery is 32% tonight. I spent a couple hours on the phone today and played with all this Google Voice stuff. Also listened to Pandora channels for Run D.M.C. and The Lonely Island walking the dog for an hour.


  1. Seidio has 3200mAh battery and 1600mAh batteries available too. I used Seidio for my Treo quite a few years back and liked them. The 3200 adds bulk to the phone by replacing the stock battery cover. The 1600 is just 200 more than stock.

  2. Man, that is amazing. Probably the toughest part of switching from iPhone to Android is just resetting your expectations of the vendor. HTC designed a phone that customized with a larger battery and a new cover? Unbelievable.


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