Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's here! Some notes...

The Nexus One comes in a simple, white brick box. The phone itself feels lighter and looks slimmer than the iPhone. It has a removable battery that needs to be inserted and charged before using the phone. So right now, it's charging. You just charge until the amber indicator light turns green. Simple enough.

I turned it on after plugging it in -- couldn't resist. The screen is amazingly vibrant, I'd say almost magical. Nexus One uses an AMOLED display, while iPhone uses an LCD display. I can't wait to see how readability compares outdoors.

It comes with cheap but cute pouch with an embossed Android logo. Nice little touch.

The SIM card gets inserted in the battery compartment without having to remove the battery.

My first overall impression comparing the iPhone and the Nexus One. I can see why Apple sued HTC. And what I mean is that HTC builds an amazing little device with several thoughtful details, like the removable battery and the SIM card above the battery. If Android achieves (or has achieved) software and ease of use parity with iPhone OS, I doubt iPhone can remain competitive at the high end. Apple does not know how to build phone hardware like this. Nexus One is two steps up.

More when it's charged...

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